To run a profitable online business you need more than just the pages.

For starters, you need web hosting for your pages, then you need software to build all types of lists and send promotions to those lists, then you need to have traffic to your pages, then you need to have powerful video marketing platform for both maximum conversion and social reach,  then you need to prompt people to take action instantly, and last but not least, you need easy way to create images for your pages and social posting.

So, before you go to the member area, we have a very special offer which is going to give you all of the above and more.

Fast Web Hosting & 10+ Cloud Software

On this page you can get access to our AscendUp marketing platform, which includes fast web hosting for AscendPages plus over 10 separate cloud software in the same price, for each of which you would normally have to pay separate subscriptions elsewhere.

AscendPages app is fully integrated with AscendUp fast web hosting, which means that you not only can stop paying separately for web hosting, which saves you money, but also publishing from AscendPages to AscendUp hosting is almost instant, which saves you a lot of time.

You see, while you can host web sites created with AscendPages on any web host, it does take time to upload all those files to your web host or to Amazon S3 every time you make a change.

Save Time And Money With AscendUp Web Hosting

Usually you make many tweaks to both look and content of the pages, so if you use external web hosting, each time you make a change you need to upload everything again.

With AscendUp hosting you just click publish and pages are live.

While AscendUp hosting is awesome, saves you money and a lot of time, it is just the first element of whole AscendUp marketing platform.

Email, Facebook Messenger and Browser notification

Every business needs to build a list but those days prospects are harder than ever to reach, so most successful businesses collect leads and promote to subscribers in all possible ways.

AscendUp gets you covered in all 3 prime ways to build lists and promote: email, facebook messenger and browser notification.

You will get full featured AscendSender email marketing cloud software with ability to mass import subscribers, single & double opt-in support, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page, fully featured automation & autoresponder, list management with segmentation support, delivery tracking & statistics, advanced email template builder, and so much more.

Email Marketing Cloud Software With Ability To Mass Import & Verify Subscribers

AscendSender also allows for email verification to ensure that your email list is clean and duly validated, which helps to reduce bounce back and protect your sender reputation.

Once verified, your email addresses will be tagged with appropriate status of “Deliverable”, “Undeliverable”, or “Risky”. You will enjoy peace of mind because you are only sending emails to real users with real mailboxes.

Email marketing is still the main way to promote, but because onslaught on email inbox is increasing all the time, and with average american adult getting 147 emails per day, having your emails open is getting harder by the day.

Add Facebook Messenger and Browser Notification To Your Marketing Arsenal.

It means that you do not want to be limited to just email promotions.

The best way to do that is to add facebook messenger and browser notification promotions to your marketing arsenal.

In order to maximize your results with Facebook messenger marketing AscendUp platform includes not one but two full blown cloud software for it: AscendContact and AscendChat.

Promote To Everybody Who Commented On Any Of Your Facebook Fanpages

AscendContact is the software which allows you to add to your promotion list everybody who commented on any post on any of Facebook fanpages you manage.

It also allows to both import all contacts from your fanpages and add everybody who messaged any of them.

AscendChat is so-called messenger bot. While it allows you to only add people who messaged the page, it can deliver messages way faster.

It means that by having both AscendContact and AscendChat you can both build the biggest list possible and deliver messages as fast as possible at the same time.

Market Directly To People Web Browser

The next prime way to reach people is through browser notification and AscendBrowserContact, which is included in AscendUp platform allows you to do that.

Browser notifications are sent directly to people’s web browsers and they show even if your subscriber is not on your website.

Majority of big companies use browser notification for sending updates to bring people back to their website with great results.

For example, when you are not on Facebook website, they want to bring you back so they send browser notification with pretty much every social activity to make your click to check them.

eBay is doing the same with auction bids which helps them reach higher selling prices.

The list of companies which do it goes on and on but the main point is that browser notifications work and, unlike email, they can be sent very often throughout the same day.

Use Video Marketing Platform That Blows Away The Competition.

The best way to sell those days is with a video.

This is why AscendUp platform includes AscendPlayer video marketing platform that blows away the competition.

AscendPlayer includes almost all important features of top video players on the market, plus it is the only player we know of, which not only plays videos from youtube, vimeo, your own web server, and amazon S3, but also can play Facebook videos directly on your website to skyrocket viral social reach.

AscendPlayer gives you control over video no matter from which source you play it, plays separate videos on desktop and mobile, and has premium features, which pro video marketers use to boost viral traffic, lead generation, conversion, and sales even more.

Those include advanced social sharing options, timed content below a video, timed clickable call to action, watermark and custom video thumbnail.

It also includes social sharing options, which allows viewers to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkendIn, Google+ and post comments for YouTube video to maximize viral potential.

Skyrocket Conversion By Using Social Proof & Herd Effect.

Wow that’s a lots of apps already, but we are not done yet.

You will get ProofConvert software which skyrockets conversion by using social proof & herd effect.

It creates animated notifications, showing to the visitor other users’ activity, such as buying, registering or sharing, which creates herd effect with visitor receiving subconscious push to join the actions of other users.

There is founded startup company which is selling monthly subscription to service similar to ProofConvert for a price of whole AscendUp platform.

This is truly revolutionary software we would be launching separately soon but you get it as a part of the special offer here.

Create Urgency & Scarcity, Boosts Number Of People Clicking On Your Links In Email, and Skyrockets Conversion From Prospects To Buyers.

The next software you get as part of this offer is AscendTimer.

It is a marketing app, which helps you to create urgency and scarcity, boosts number of people clicking on your links in email, and skyrockets conversion from prospects to buyers.

With AscendTimer you can create countdown timers to embed in emails, web pages, and even create sticky header & footer bars with countdown timers on them.

There are 18 pre-designed countdown timer templates for you chose from.


All image editing that you need for web and social media images.

The last but not least app is AscendPixel, which is the tool every online business needs.

With AscendPixel you can pretty much do all image editing that you need for web and social media images.

You can crop, rotate, resize, zoom, add text to images, apply multiple image filters, draw, add various shapes, choose from hundreds of stickers, and even use layers.

So here you have it, all the apps you get as part of AscendUp platform.

Get 70% Discount Today

With even more software tools coming, we have big plans for AscendUp platform and the price of AscendUp account might be rising to 97 dollar per month soon.

We will cut the subscription by 70% to just $29 per month, and this discount rate will apply for as long as you stay AscendUp member.

This means that you are getting an instant massive saving, a grandfathered discount, and access to all for just 97 cents per day.

You cannot even get a slice of pizza for that.

Take Advantage Of 5 Months Free Experimental Offer

Also today, as a part of an experiment, you can get 5 months free if you get a yearly subscription instead of a monthly one.

So make sure to get AscendUp now, while the low monthly price and the 5 months free experimental offer is still active.

If you leave this page now and come back later the price might be $97 per month and 5 month free offer might be closed.

Clearly, AscendUp platform can help you run profitable online business, so go ahead, get AscendUp account, and we will see you inside the member area.

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